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Walnut Innovations

Walnut Innovations

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Walnut Innovations

About Walnut Innovations:

Walnut Innovations exists since 2009 dedicated to provide solutions for day to day life of people by introducing innovative technology.

The enterprise is engaged in two verticals:

Develop products for lesser addressed problems existing in our daily lives, find necessary vacuum and add value in such already existing products, manufacture and spread awareness among common people of such products.

Helping new innovators with technical support to strengthen their technical skills as well as guiding them to create robust products from scratch.

Starting this enterprise with a single product – An Electromechanical fluid sensor for free flow fluid presence, an industrial product used in Stone Crushing industry, the journey is continued with approximately 25 domestic / commercial and three OEM products. Three products have IPR examination pending at present.

About Founders:

Two amateur entrepreneurs Mr. Deepak Joshi and Mr. Manohar Sharan both coming from different backgrounds ventured to a common goal in 2007 – Research and develop the solutions to problem.

Deepak had a mechanical background with a zeal for electronics and Manohar was a finance person with a Law degree, both became friends by their common hobby of playing music, lately discovered that they both have common zeal to make disruptive technology.

Both believed that if mechanics can be driven with electronics and information technology can do wonders and make our lives easier, but being in a town it was hard to find skillful, professional and above all people with collaborative mindset. It was then when the first product was in the developing stage that rough experience with people led them both to upgrade their own skills in development and sales.

From the beginning founders had a clear vision to acquire knowledge at all times and always give it back to the society, be it music, art or technology. The enterprise have helped many graduates, post graduates and Ph.D. students from fields of Engineering, Farming and water harvesting, Agriculture, Medical and Pharmacy and Renewable energy to transform their idea into reality.