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Koro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Incubated Startups

Redefining RO Water Purifiers
Koro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Koro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About Startup

Koro Solutions is developing water purifiers and add-on kits under the brand name Quinchit to prevent water wastage and health consequences caused by low TDS RO Water.

Experts are anticipating a serious crisis of safe drinking water in India and we are at the entry point to that era. To confront this, India needs technologically strong yet affordable solution at the earliest. That is the focus point of our effort and idea. Our purifier is intelligent enough to ensure minimum possible wastage of a valuable resource called water and drastically reduces the water wastage to 2-15% from 60-70% in case of conventional RO water purifiers. It also understands the difference between desired TDS, i.e mineral content in water and low TDS. Thus, produces drinking water of desired TDS level only. Thus, the drinking water we get out of it is rich in helpful minerals and also alkaline & antioxidant in nature for long term health protection.

Our Enterpreneurs
Subhojit Roy
Subhojit Roy

B.E. Mechanical