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Kiritra Private Limited

Launch-N-Zoom Startups

Tag Line
Go digital without the hassle
Kiritra Private Limited


Kiritra is SaaS platform that offers digital services to small and medium enterprises with an aim to power their digital strategy. In the current environment most organizations need to have a strong digital offerings to engage, retain and attract customers. However small organizations and those in the remote corners of India often do not have the financial capacity to create their own infrastructure. In the last few years maturing technologies have democratized access to the complex platforms. Leveraging these, we at Kiritra have begun building services that can be used by the community at large to develop their own digital services fabric. Our platform makes it effortless to choose the desired services needed to build a robust offering by our customers for their customers.

Our Founders
Chandrasekhar Turlapati
Mr. Chandrasekhar Turlapati
Chandrasekhar Turlapati
Mr. Bipin Vellathingal