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Revelec AutomotiEV - Jiff Bikes

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Revelec AutomotiEV - Jiff Bikes
Revelec AutomotiEV - Jiff Bikes


To go green and spearhead the transition from conventional vehicles to electric vehicles in two wheeler segment without any compromise on comfort and flexibility. Jiff Bike is an affordable electric bike with rugged design offering modularity, multi-utility and all-terrain capability and addresses range anxiety giving utmost importance to customer convenience. The aim of Jiff Bikes is to restore ecological balance through hassle-free electric vehicle adoption in urban, rural and remote areas.

Our Founders
Rajiv Sushanth
Mr. Rajiv Sushanth

Education : Masters - Automotive Engineering (UK); Advanced Management Programme - ISB

Experience : 5 years

Pradeep Gurrala
Mr. Pradeep Gurrala

Education : Masters (UK); Research Scholar - IITH

Experience : 4 years