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Umamahesvaram Mandi


CEO of IIM Udaipur Incubation Center

Umamahesvaram Mandi
Umamahesvaram Mandi

MBA : Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 1997
  • 20 years of work experience in domains of Education, Media, Petroleum Retailing, Engineering Products distribution and Technology Venture Incubation.
  • Has work experience in Godrej Agrovet Ltd, Reliance Industries Ltd, Bennett Coleman and Company Ltd etc in project leadership to Profit Centre head positions in Sales, Direct-Marketing and General Management space at National level.
  • He has successfully played roles in establishing a large petroleum Retail Network, Affordable Education institutions (K-12 space), establishment of a KPO setup in Fintech area, Investing to augment the brand value proposition and co-founding a Agri-tech focused Incubator in his professional career. His personal interests span Distribution and Logistics, Retailing, Clean-tech and Agri-tech and non-for-profit ventures.
  • He has successfully been guiding startups in the domains of Machinery, Imaging related deep-tech, FMCG, Education and Consumer Experience building. He is the CEO of IIM Udaipur Incubation Center.