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Become a Hands-on Guide to Startups

The Launch-n-Zoom-2.0 Accelerator Program has been launched to assist founders in navigating the hurdles they face, provides some assistance to innovators. Yet talented inventors need more than just a new accelerator program.

Hunting investors to fund a flagship project might feel like a big challenge, but the previous step to this is even harder: finding the right person/group to bounce off the technical challenges.

They need help from others who are truly impressive and can dispense invaluable advice to young startups. Without a mentor even entrepreneurs with the funding might face downfalls leading to huge losses. Engaging with a robust, interdisciplinary mentor network is one of the most rewarding parts of entrepreneurship.

We are constantly on the look-out for competent and accomplished mentors for a short duration to help guide the young and inexperienced selected startups through constant guidance, personal interaction and product building activities.

To give consistent high quality of mentors to our program, we would like to invite people from the following specific backgrounds:

  • Serial Entrepreneurs who are in between the ventures
  • High level Corporate Professionals who are associated with startups
  • Industry Experts
  • Academicians from institutes like IITs, IIITs, IIMs
  • Research Scientists from organisations like DRDO, ISRO, CDAC and other central research laboratories with an experience of startup interactions.

If you are interested, please go ahead and provide us some of your details.

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