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Please go through the following slides to get an overview of the program.

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The startup founders should be developing the MVP / prototype OR should have completed development and refinement of the prototype and should be on the way to market testing the product/platform.
Please note that incorporation of the startup company is not a mandatory requirement at this stage to apply for the program.
The program will be held for a duration of 12 weeks – from January, 2020 to March, 2020.
  • Submit your detailed business model by 30th November, 2019.

  • All the startups who have applied will go through an active mentoring process where we will help you refine your MVP/prototype or working business model.A cohort of 25 startups will be selected and the results will be declared on 24th December, 2019.

  • Selected startups begin the accelerator program from 10th January, 2020

The program is structured in the following manner:

  • Phase 1: Tailored lectures and workshops that will help you learn the basics dynamics of business and markets. You will also be developing and refining your MVP/prototype during this period.

  • Weekend Online Program: Over 3 weekends post Phase 1, we will cover developing your social media, selling skills, network effects and IP protection and management.

  • Phase 2: Lectures on understanding the financial aspects of business, post which we will get you ready for the Demo Day where you will get the chance to pitch to the attendees – investors, corporate partners and more, who might be interested in giving you ₹₹₹₹!

Yes. Once you have committed to the program, it is expected of you that to attend all the sessions. We do not want any startup dropping out in the middle of the program.
IIMUIC will take care of accommodation for all participating startups during Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the program.
We will be accepting a cohort of 25 startups for Launch-n-Zoom 2.0 Accelerator.
Yes, it will qualify for funding based on the progress they have made and a formal funding of the process.
A highly subsidized fee of Rs. 15000 / per participant for attending the program will be applied for the entire program of 12 weeks which includes accommodation in hotel and other incidental expenses not pertaining to the program related expenditure per se.

In case of deserving, yet financially weak startups and/or its founders on successful completion of the program and meeting high standards of program objectives we could payback their subsidized fee collected as a grant to them.

Startup founders who are FULL TIME students of IITs, IIMs, NITs, IIITs, State Universities and Central Universities (and also students of affiliate colleges) and full-time School Students ARE NOT CHARGED ANY FEE and the PROGRAM IS FREE FOR THEM. BUT THEY MUST ATTEND THE ACCELERATION PROGRAM IN FULL to take advantage of the same. This provision WILL NOT BE APPLICABLE IF OTHER THAN FOUNDERS, CO-FOUNDERS (from these startups) ATTEND ON BEHALF OF THE STARTUP.
Limited to 2 participants per startup
Startups will receive assistance in the form of Product Development, Discovery of Customers, access to various govt schemes and funding related to startups under MeitY, DST up to ₹25 lakhs based on the nature and background of the startups and their products/solutions.