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Transforming ideas into scalable business ventures

"Applications for Idea accelerator are now closed, Stay tuned for future updates"

About the Program

The Idea Acceleration Program aims to support ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs by enabling them to transform their ideas into a minimum viable product.

This intensive 10-week programme combines business training, expert support, coaching and mentoring to help you accelerate the journey of your idea.

Who Can Apply?

If you have an idea and aspire to be an entrepreneur, then you can apply. Especially if looking for business knowledge to take further steps towards implementing your idea, then please go ahead and apply.

Co-founders of Idea or Early-Stage Venture

Innovators with Startup Aspirations or Product Ideas

Program Highlights

Curated and structured live workshops on how to test, validate and continuously improve on the business idea.

Easy to follow sessions with feedback mechanism at important stages of your start-up journey, making the learning easy to execute.

Individual support from incubation team as you build your start-up from the ground up.

Learn and share in a community of like-minded founders in a collaborative environment.

Chance to get shortlisted for incubation program of IIMUIC based on your performance in the program.

Program Timeline

Registration Starts

23rd April, 2021

Last Date for Application

31st May, 2021

Final Round Selection

7th June, 2021

Program Commencement

June, 2021

Program Details

Total Seats Available

25 Seats

Program Fee

₹ 18,000 each participant

Program Duration

10 Weeks

*Note – Participants are required to pay the fee only after acceptance to the program.

Course Structure

The 10-week disciplined-based entrepreneurship program divided into 8 business modules helps you go from business idea to a functional prototype in a short period of time.

MOD : 1

Understand Your Target Customers

  • Identify and group your customers into segments
  • Identify the early adopters and understand their importance.
  • Bring your customer to life by creating customer personas.
MOD : 2

Explore and Validate the Customer Problem

  • Identify a problem using Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) methodology.
  • Empathize with the customer to further define the problem.
  • Ask effective questions to develop a better understanding of customer needs.
MOD : 3

Design Prototype and Test Solutions

  • Explore existing solutions.
  • Ideate to think of unique solutions for your idea.
  • Prototype and test selected concepts with customers.
MOD : 4

Define and Test a Sustainable Business Model

  • Learn what is a business model and why it is important.
  • List the nine blocks of Lean Canvas.
  • Explore the importance of customer value proposition.
MOD : 5

Pricing and Business Viability

  • Learn about different pricing strategies and choose yours.
  • Compare your competitors’ price points and strategies.
  • Do customer discovery to understand their willingness to pay.
MOD : 6

Build a Basic Financial Plan for Your Startup

  • Identify and estimate the various types of costs.
  • Identify and estimate the various types of revenue streams.
  • Determine the viability of your business.
MOD : 7

Finding the Investment Need & Raising Capital

  • Determine the funds you’ll need to launch.
  • Understand the concept of bootstrapping.
  • List out the sources and uses of funds raised.
MOD : 8

Build a Go-to-Market Plan

  • Synthesise all learnings in a compelling storyline.
  • Build an actionable go-to-market plan.
  • Launch your product in the market.



We are sector agnostic and are open to early-stage ideas from across the country.
Aspiring entrepreneurs/founders are required to be committed to their idea full-time and must demonstrate the ability and entrepreneurial mindset to build and grow an organization.
Yes, start-up incorporation is not mandatory at this stage. You may incorporate it during the program or at a later stage.
Sure, solo founders can also apply. Entrepreneurs can choose to continue the journey on their own or add team members later.
Yes, co-founders involved in developing the idea further is eligible to take part.
You should only submit one idea that you intend to develop. You are welcome to apply the content of the course to more than one idea or change idea throughout the course. However, each applicant should only submit one business idea.
Applications are currently open. Click on Apply Now button to register your interest and follow us on our social media handles for updates.
Each participant will be charged a fee of ₹ 18,000 to participate in the program.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are organizing the program virtually.
The 10-week disciplined-based entrepreneurship program divided into 8 business modules helps you go from business idea to a functional prototype in a short period of time. The program is centred on customer discovery where entrepreneurs are expected to identify their target customers, interact with them, gain insights, and keep pivoting and iterating their ideas.

The training programme has 12 classroom sessions, each one lasting 3 hours. These sessions will be conducted on weekdays during the months of June to August. They will be scheduled either on Tuesday or Thursday. Detailed training schedule that includes exact dates will be shared with selected participants closer to starting date.
Upon successful completion of this course, you will earn a certificate of participation.
No, but there will be a final demo day with an opportunity to meet potential investors.