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About the Program

Co Innovation Partnership

Many a times an innovator/startup/venture’s journey is undertaken all alone trying to validate their idea, identify the right set of customers, geographies to sell, market segment to focus on etc. In addition to market and customer access, they are often challenged with technology to choose, defining a relevant and scalable solution roadmap, bringing in right investments and investors and forging right partnerships etc.

The journey can be made little easier if there is a mentor and partner who understands the market, right opportunities to choose and chase, establishing local and global partnerships, technology to choose etc. and embarks on a journey along with the innovator and help them scale and grow.

In this quest, IIMUIC with its experience in aiding startups with the right interventions to scale have joined hands with a corporate partner who has immense experience in selling products and services to businesses across the globe.

As part of this initiative, right now, we are calling for innovator/venture/startup, who have an idea and/or MVP/Prototype and/or initial customer traction with recurring revenue in the below mentioned innovation interests and areas.

Innovation Areas

If you are an innovator/startup/venture having a very good idea/MVP/Prototype/Scaled Solution in the following focus areas, we want to talk to you and understand how we work together through this corporate partnership initiative.

Project Risk Management

If you don’t invest in risk management, it doesn’t matter what business you are in, it is a risky business – Gary Cohn

The necessity of assessing and managing risks in a project is well understood by one and all. But with desperate systems and data sources, global operations, scale of operations, rapid velocity of project execution, challenges in deciphering the right data from noise etc., it becomes extremely difficult to assess risk and implement effective risk management strategies.

The solution should focus on combining the advanced technologies with proven modelling, science and algorithms to better access risk and reduce uncertainties in project.

Field Service Management

With the rapid expansion of connected devices and ability to collect and store enormous amount of data, it is expected that field workers/operator enabling services to have focused information for their job & associated details. This essentially means that field service is transitioning towards ensuring lesser downtimes, remote monitoring, assigning right person for the right job and self-serviceable tools and guidance.

You are highly encouraged to apply

  • Manage their field service operations effectively (OR)
  • Efficiently assess and manage risks throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Program Offerings

Commitments from ventures

If you are selected for this program, we expect the founding team to dedicate quality time towards participating in workshops, knowledge sessions, mentoring sessions and work on various deliverables identified through these various engagements. We want to ensure that you succeed by partnering with us in your exciting venture journey.